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Delicious in Thai - How to Say it Like You Mean it!

It’s been a while since we did a learn Thai lesson on food at the e-Learn Thai website. So today we are going to teach you how to say delicious in Thai—not just your ordinary tasty, but out of this world delicious. You perhaps already know the word for delicious in Thai, which is a-ròi (อร่อย). But that word is so commonly used in Thailand, that it doesn’t really pass as a compliment that will make your host beam with pride. Everybody says everything is a-ròi in Thailand when asked. To say anything else would be impolite.

What you need is another Thai word to attach to the end of a-ròi to show that what you are eating is soaring toward the level of ambrosia and food for the gods. As fate would have it, that extra Thai word (hàw) actually means soaring into the air as if my magic. So, next time you really want to delight your host or the chef at a Thai restaurant, use today’s e-Learn Thai lesson to help you give a compliment that will win you that famous Thai smile.

a-ròi-hàw (อร่อยเหาะ) adj. - Extremely delicious

โอ้ พระเจ้าจอร์จ เค้ก นี่ อร่อยเหาะ เลย  เธอ ทำ เอง จริงๆ เหรอ

Ô phrá-jáo jâwt! Kháyk nêe à-ròi-hàw leuy. Thuh tham ayng jing-jing rŭh?

Oh, god George! Cake this delicious-soaring (emph.). You make yourself, true (question)?

Oh, my god! This cake is awesome! You really made it yourself?


e-Learn Thai Language Tip – If you live or are traveling up in the Northeast of Thailand (Isaan), you will get extra kudos for speaking a few words in the Isaan dialect, which is primarily the Lao language infused with some Thai and unique language characteristics that vary from place to place. The word for delicious in Isaan is sâep (แซบ). To tell your Isaan host that their meal is incredibly delicious use this expression: Sâep lăi lăi déu (แซบ หลายๆ เด้อ). This literally means delicious + very very + a particle used for emphasis only in the Isaan dialect.

You are probably wondering from today’s Thai language lesson how the English expression "Oh my god!" became “Oh, god George!” (Ô phrá-jáo jâwt!) in Thai. This emerged from a popular Thai television show where the expression was repeatedly used. Thais also do commonly use the English expression “Oh my god!” to the consternation of Western evangelical Christian missionaries in Thailand.

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  • by the staff at e-Learn Thai: Learn Thai Language Online
  • July 05, 2012. 10:34:00 pm, Chachoengsao, Thailand

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